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I suffer from depression; I was really impressed with Dr. Archila. His warm, genuinely-caring personality helped me to open up quickly… he was also able to quickly understand my situation; and prescribed the right medication for me right away and it has been working out great.

I first visited Dr. Archila after an automobile accident in 1988. He did all he could to help find a way to alleviate the neurological pain associated with the trauma. 

I was prescribed opioids for over 5 years (because of a tumor in my spine). I tried stopping the medication “cold turkey” on several different occasions, but I was never successful. I knew I wanted to do it the right way, so I made an appointment with Dr. Archila. That was the best decision I’ve ever made. He is extremely knowledgeable, he has a ton of experience, and best of all – he’s a great PERSON. I would recommend him to anyone who is struggling with addiction.

Dr Archila is extremely knowledgeable about opioid addiction, how it affects your brain receptors, and the role of suboxone in recovery. He really takes the time to explain this to his patients, and the best thing about him is that  he genuinely cares!!!   His practice is very much one on one, the only contact number is his cell phone which he always answers…. No having to go through medical staff first /waiting for callbacks from the doc.  He also maintains an excellent relationship with J&J pharmacy downstairs from his office which makes picking up prescriptions extremely convenient. Dr Archila helped me to get my life back together , my nursing career back on track ,  and without him I wouldn’t be where I am today .   I hope he knows how much his hard work and dedication is appreciated !! 

Dr. A is an excellent doctor. He actually listens to your problems and really cares about his patients. He doesn’t pass judgment or preach to anyone, nor does he push AA down anyone’s throat. He tailored my plan according to my needs and not from a textbook. 

He’s easy to get in touch with and responds quickly to phone calls or texts. It’s also easy to get a last minute appointment with him, though you might have to wait up until an hour. That’s still better than waiting days. He also has an excellent working relationship with the pharmacy J&J downstairs in the same building.  Both are total aces.

I only wish he took my insurance plan but his rates are reasonable enough for me to pay out of pocket. I actually travel over an hour drive to his office because that’s how comfortable he makes me feel. Every time I leave his office I feel so much better about myself. He’s a good, kind, caring doctor.its not easy to find a doctor like this anymore.

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