Posted on 4 November, 2019 by arturo

Two months ago, a great contribution to the field was published, it is the book Fentanyl, Inc. How Rogue Chemists are Creating the Deadliest Wave of the Opioid Epidemic, by Ben Westhoff. Katherine Tobin, PhD, former member of the US China Economic and Security Review Commission wrote: “Americans face a deadly and growing public health crisis, the worst of which is to come. Through this courageous reporting Ben Westhoff takes us to the heart of the problem. In Fentanyl, Inc., he shines a light of the human wreckage and damage caused by the most powerful and dangerous of the opioids, fentanyl and its derivatives. He shows how addiction, mislabeling, and pourposely or mistakenly mixed drugs lead to tragic ends.” I strongly recomend to read this valuable book.

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